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Return on Investment

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We take great pride in the fact that since 2015, tuition at the Law School has remained essentially flat, that nearly half of our students are now getting legal education debt free. It is our commitment to keep education affordable and to provide the greatest possible education for the future generation of lawyers.

The Law School decision period was, it was pretty tough for me. I think it is for everyone, right? It's a really big decision. As a student who kind of had a passion to be in Washington, DC., I knew that the university had a DC "Semester in Practice," where I was able to be in DC for a semester, work with the Department of Justice, build my network up there, and ultimately ended up being able to get a job in the city.

I have a scholarship, it's called a "Graduate Assistantship." And it gives me a full tuition scholarship and a salary or stipend depending on how you classify it. That kind of helps me-- Helps carry me through the months. UGA was the right choice because it didn't saddle me with large amounts of debt while allowing me to be in the city I wanted to be in and getting me the job that I wanted.

From my professional background, prior to law school, I had worked with domestic and sexual violence survivors and decided that I thought going to law school was the most high-impact way that I could serve people in those situations.

And in looking, I looked broadly at law schools across the United States and felt like UGA was the "whole package" in a way that no other law schools that I looked at were: the high-quality education, experiential learning opportunities, job placement, but also at an accessible cost that'll allow you to really use your career to fulfill your passions and serve your community, however, you most want to.