Launched with the Class of 2019, the goal of the UGA Law Mentorship Program is to match every incoming first-year law student with a mentorship team. Each student’s mentorship team consists of a faculty mentor, a peer mentor, a Career Development Office counselor, and an alumni/alumnae & professional mentor. This program is run through the Office of Student Affairs, which is committed to providing students with the support they need in law school.


Here at UGA Law, we offer students the opportunity to work with a four-person Mentorship Team. Every student is assigned a Faculty Mentor and a Career Development Officer immediately upon coming into law school. And then we also have them register to receive a professional mentor and a peer mentor.

I'm a first-generation law student. So coming to UGA, one of the things that I really, really wanted to make sure I was doing was finding mentors. And I love the Mentorship program. I think they hit the nail on the head with my mentor. She is amazing.

She took me under her wing the first year of law school when I was in a really tough time. Like, I was down in the dumps. She encouraged me with classes, she encouraged me to know that you know, "Doing your best is good enough and your best is all you can do." Being able to go to those people outside of the classroom setting has been phenomenal.

I think outside of that four-person team that's kind of given to you when you start here, I've really found that through my clinic experiences, my DC semester in practice, the different courses that I've taken, UGA Law faculty and staff are just always willing and able to serve in those mentorship positions-- Anything from giving you career advice, to professional advice, to personal advice, and I really think that that's special that we have a school community that's so dedicated to mentorship.