The Office of Career Development works with students and alumni to secure employment. Students are encouraged to take advantage of their services which include help with resumes, interview techniques, and networking.


Here at UGA Law in the Career Development Office, we have a variety of programs designed to help law students find their way into their first job and to manage their careers. I think the most important thing is how we connect with students early and often.

We do coaching sessions with all the first years in the first month of law school. And it's an opportunity for our counselors to get to know the students on a one-on-one level and start helping the students think about why they came to law school, what they want out of their careers.

I came into law school very focused on public interest work and social justice work. And at UGA Law in my 1L summer, I not only got funding to do public interest work at the two nonprofits I was going to work at, but I also got connected to a nationwide public interest fellowship through CDO, and it was a really incredible opportunity for me to get support for my public interest work and also find a community of people who were going along the same path.

We've been really fortunate the past couple of years, in that we had the number one placement rate in the nation among all law schools for the Class of 2021. We had graduates in the Class of '21, employed in 25 states and more foreign countries from the biggest of the largest multinational law firms down to creating their own practice. UGA Law offers an opportunity for you to do what you want to do with your career. Whether that be a federal clerkship, a state clerkship, or just going back home and opening your own law office, we can get you there!