Your Degree And Beyond

Worldwide Alumni / Alumnae Network

As the oldest law school in the State of Georgia, UGA Law offers an extensive and connected alumni and alumnae network. The UGA Law name has meaning across the Globe and across the profession.


So we have alumni throughout the state and throughout the world. In our most recent graduating class, we had students taking bar exams in over 20 different jurisdictions. The motto of the law school is, "Prepare. Connect. Lead." And our alumni are an essential part of the filament of that motto, in particular serving as connecting points between where the student is and where they want to be professionally.

So one could go up to New York right now and visit the offices of one of the world's leading private equity companies and the general counsel on that private equity company is a University of Georgia alum, helping make decisions about where billions of dollars are going to be invested for somebody who wants to work in that field.

One could drive a little bit south to Delaware, where a justice on the most important court in the country for corporate law sits. She, too, is a Georgia Law alum and has a Georgia Law alum coming to work for her, while at the same time being nominated by the President for a position on the federal bench.

Closer to home just down the street in Atlanta, Sally Quillian Yates, the former Deputy Attorney General of the United States, practices law at the highest echelons of private practice. And she much like the general counsel in New York or the judge in Delaware, represents the sort of alum who will answer our call, whose organization will routinely hire law students, and who serve as beacons for the kinds of students who follow in their footsteps here.

In closing, I think what distinguishes the alumni network of this law school is that they are one team who always answers the call. Because it's our belief the human relationships established with our alums are the single greatest ingredient to the professional success of our students as they pursue their own personal journeys.