Your Degree And Beyond


There are many opportunities for students to enhance their legal education at UGA Law. Please visit our website to learn about our Advocacy programs, our Business Law and Ethics Program and our Journals.


At UGA Law, there's a lot of opportunities to engage in advocacy. And we use that word to describe both Moot Court, which is appellate arguments, and Mock Trial, which is exactly what it sounds like. The advocacy programs here have a track record of success. We've won 21 regional and national championships in the last five years,

I was part of a national championship team during my 2L year but it's more than just winning championships. Yes, we do have a lot of trophies, but it's really the skills that you're gaining. While you're engaged in advocacy programs. You learn the process of what you're supposed to do. And so when you actually engage in practice, you're able to use those skills immediately after graduation.

I'm a member of our Moot Court team and I competed in the American Bar Association's National Moot Court Competition this past spring. We had student coaches and we also had UGA Alumni who helped bench us and prepare us for that competition along with faculty which was a great opportunity to network and to learn from experts and to really hone your oral advocacy skills, but also your writing skills.

As part of Moot Court, I participated in the Spong Mock Trial Tournament. It was a really cool experience to be able to have arguments in front of professors, federal law clerks, practicing attorneys that, one, gave me exposure to a lot of people that I wouldn't have met otherwise but also helped me become a more confident oral advocate. These are tools that I wouldn't have unless I was part of the advocacy program.