Why Georgia Law?

International Opportunities

The Dean Rusk International Law Center has served since 1977 as a nucleus for global research, education, and service.


The Dean Rusk International Law Center facilitates an array of different opportunities for students, including global externships overseas, the global governance summer school, the NATO externship in Norfolk, Virginia, and student exchange opportunities. We also host visiting scholars from around the world who give presentations for students that are happy to interact with students. And we bring in LLM students from around the world who enrich the classroom experience for students as well.

In each of the international opportunities that UGA Law offers, students have the opportunity to understand their study of law in a globalized context, and really understand the globalized practice of law to make connections with new mentors that can be lifelong resources for them. This is an important opportunity for all students-- Students who want to practice internationally and students who will be practicing domestically to have that broader context.

I've always known that I wanted to work in some type of international context. I personally worked in arbitration and litigation in Germany. My experience abroad definitely helped me to expand my network, as well as my skill set. It's really the perfect time to explore what interests you have, but also to understand where everything that you're learning kind of falls into.

And learning it in international aspect is really great because the world continues to just get bigger and bigger and bigger and more connected. And there is the fun side of it, that you get to be in another country and you're able to immerse yourself in another culture. I highly recommend this as an opportunity that people explore and that I think it's definitely a very fruitful opportunity that the law school provides.