Why Georgia Law?

Faculty with National Impact

Faculty are the lifeblood of our law school. At UGA Law, our faculty members make a national and international impact with their research, writing, and instruction. Students benefit in the classroom and beyond.


One of the things that I love about our faculty is that they're writing at the spectrum of legal issues. So if you're looking at somebody writing at the cutting-edge of voting rights, you often see Lori Ringland's name in the international press. Usha Rodrigues has just testified recently before Congress on SPACs, Beth Birch on mass torts and the opioid settlement. By exposing their students to these cutting-edge legal ideas, they're producing the kinds of lawyers who are comfortable with working at and pushing the envelope at the cutting edge of legal issues today and in the future.

The opportunity to work with faculty on cutting-edge research will bring students an array of benefits like critical thinking skills, a confidence that they can really have an impact on really big issues of our time. And of course, all the bread and butter skills like legal research and writing and citation.

As a faculty member at UGA Law, I mainly focus on issues of law and technology, especially surrounding questions of privacy, speech, and abuse. I presented my research kind of all around the world at this point as well. I've been lucky enough to travel to a variety of places, presented my work at the University of Oxford in my home country of England, also recently went to Brazil and presented one of my projects, and then at schools around the United States as well. I think the faculty here is deeply committed to the idea of having an impact beyond just the article that they produce at the end of their research. There are many different ways in which we're all I think, trying to affect change through the research that we're doing.