Student Support

There are many ways for students to get involved at UGA Law. For a list of student organizations, and to learn more, please visit:


Here at UGA Law School, we have a variety of support services for students to meet their mental, academic, professional, and emotional needs. We have physical supports, such as a food pantry and a clothing closet.

But we also offer financial support, such as fellowships and stipends for our students. Another way that we support students here at the law school is with our First Start program, which is geared specifically to first generation college graduates.

We start working with our students on Bar preparation, I would say from day one. At orientation, we give them the opportunity to hear directly from some members of the Bar as well as the Character and Fitness Board to start explaining to them the things that they need to be considering as they're going through law school. And as they get to the end of their law school journey, we offer some opportunities for financial support for Bar Prep as well.

This past March in my second year, I tore my ACL. So whenever the bills came down, right? And insurance paid what they could, I was a good amount of money in debt. So I put in an application to the law school Emergency Fund. They would help alleviate a lot of that stress and to make my worries more about what I'm here to do, as opposed to figure out how I'm going to be making these monthly payments on a knee surgery that I absolutely needed.

So don't be afraid to go talk to your professor or talk to people in Admissions or talk to anybody at Student Experience or your First-generation Student Association Coordinator. They're there to help you and it makes sure you feel welcome and supported.

Safe, healthy, happy students are successful students and so we really want to make sure that the supports are in place to ensure that they have what they need to be successful across the board.